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First Airsoft Dissasembly

Hi everyone,

So I bought my first airsoft rifle. I got it used from a forum member here, it is a G&P SR-25K. Now that I have it, and the complete newcomer I am, I am utterly confused as how to disassemble the parts and examine the individual pieces.

One of the big things I want to do is open up the gun so that I can change the stock. The receiver has 2 big flat head screws, do I simply unscrew those and the top and bottom receiver lift off from each other?

Another question is, how do I remove the RIS rail covers, I don't want to brute force it and break it right away, is there a technique for removing them?

On another note, it came with a Nimh battery, and I don't have a charger (of course). Would it be better for me to go with a LiPo now, or simply buy a charger that gives me an option to charge both a LiPo and Nimh?

Thanks for the help!
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