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I'm not gonna take away from the TM fan base but im gonna put my 2 cents in about ICS.

I swear by it - i've gone through g&g, CA, VFC, SRC, and even TM. I've stuck with ICS since i received my CXP but now the CQB M4

The split gear box is a feature that I love - it makes quick change for springs and compression issues so much easier to deal with - especially for a beginners perspective.

Not to mention ICS has some of the best STOCK gears (again my opinion not to butt hurt those against) as well as their hop up unit.

Currently I have a Modify m120 spring, Modify Quantum piston, Modify alum piston head, and mask v2 cylinder. Im shooting way over 400fps with .20gs due to the compression being set perfectly - i'll probably have to downgrade to a 110 or 100 to meet field regulations - and thats WITHOUT a tightbore still using the stock one.

With my ICS i was out ranging many long barrelled AEGs but the best part was that it was with a CQB length.

I'd look into some form of M4 from ICS.

**Not meant to take away from the TM M16A2 at all. My homie Cr0M swears by it and his is fantastic - its a beast on the field. I just feel ICS deserves a bit more credit than it gets.

ICS is the sleeper of the AEG world.

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