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Hi, My name is Jessen.

I recently got into Airsoft about half a year ago, and I joined JOC and CAC, my local clubs, well before I joined here. I may look like a nubsicle based on my join date, but I consider myself relatively well versed on the topic, even if I'm underage (15).

I feel I have ample supplies in the form of guns and gear, and I will be waiting to the 18 mark before considering asking on here. In the meantime, I'll make do with some Canadian Surplus and a Cansoft FAMAS I bought a while back.

I hope that I can continue to hone my accuracy and proficiency in firearms handling whilst I wait to turn 16 (One more damn year... Grrrr...) and I hope to play with some of you then.

Although maturity is based mostly on opinion, I will try my best to be 'mature' in definition by general consensus.

I also like spelling correctly. Just for the benefit of the people around me.

And that seems to be the end of my small tirade. I hope to play as soon as I am able!
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