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Originally Posted by muddertrucker View Post
Mojo tried it here in valcartier last year and was turned down. He was told giving acces to civies was a no go because of all the salvage that could be found. Sounds like a lame excusse but could be an open door. If we started out with a group of military personel in a club who knows what could come next.

I highly doubt that any groups, civy or military, could be able to play airsoft on a DND territory. Especially in Valcartier where you have live fire ranges going on day and night, and live exercise sectors going on with the 30mm and 105/120mm.

They will not risk either getting someone injured on their propreties who are not military personnel outside of their fields of exercises. They are not willing either to play kindergarden with a group of people on their base.

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