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Originally Posted by Darklen View Post
Correct. I work on these all the time (mods not repairs). Providing it's still in factory condition, the pin come out from right to left with a 1/8" pin punch and a small hammer. Just be sure to put it in the same way. The selector switch is much more difficult to remove, so if you don't need to, don't.
Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
That tiny pin just above the trigger is what you want to gently tap out. Make sure to remember the direction that it came out in. Also, make sure that the first end to come out has a bit of grip engraved on it; sometimes it's a crosshatch, sometimes it's just lines, but only one end has the grippy bit. That end comes out first during disassembly and goes in last during re-assembly.

After that it's super easy. Your selector switch doesn't need to come out at all.

PERECT! thanks! worked like a charm, And I just needed to get as close to the rear wiring as possible, the positive wire was nicked from when I pulled out and in the full stock, so I will cut, and resolder properly, and Since i'm at it, I should put deans connectors on.

Originally Posted by tigerland View Post
Joce if your near kanata swing by and I'll see if I can help
Thanks for your offer, but i'm in the Rockland area, and don't really want to go out there unless absolutly necessary
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