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Originally Posted by johjoh View Post
I've already pulled out the upper receiver.

Are you referring to the rear body pin? It's removed, only thing I could potentially see holding in my gearbox is a Tine pin juste above the trigger, and the slector switch witch I am talking about.

EDIT: I'll post up a pic when I come back from my evening shift
That tiny pin just above the trigger is what you want to gently tap out. Make sure to remember the direction that it came out in. Also, make sure that the first end to come out has a bit of grip engraved on it; sometimes it's a crosshatch, sometimes it's just lines, but only one end has the grippy bit. That end comes out first during disassembly and goes in last during re-assembly.

After that it's super easy. Your selector switch doesn't need to come out at all.
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