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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
The truth is LiPo batteries are a powerful, cost-effective solution, and safe. There's no reason to erect an artificial linear step-ladder of skill-progression from NiMH to LiPos, as if to suggest it's any more challenging to manage LiPos. It's not. They're better and no more "senior" than NiMHs are "junior".
Bingo. I run lipos exclusively and use NiMH as backups. I certainly don't pamper them and they show no signs of spontaneous combustion. They're also very inexpensive if you buy the RC brands. But like everyone said, get a MOSFET, regardless of what battery you're running, it'll protect your contacts. Personally, if anyone abuses a lipo to the point of it catching on fire, they shouldn't be anywhere near batteries in the first place!

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