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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
LiPo IS an upgrade, because no AEG comes stock set up to run them lol
I hope we can agree to disagree. I will continue to respect your usually great posts and opinions, even though I think this one was somewhat off the mark. Try to resist picking on my posts with hyperbole if you can manage to -- I'm not trying to be a troll or to put people in danger of explosion and such. My angle is usually to try to dispel such crazy notions in the first place.

The truth is LiPo batteries are a powerful, cost-effective solution, and safe. There's no reason to erect an artificial linear step-ladder of skill-progression from NiMH to LiPos, as if to suggest it's any more challenging to manage LiPos. It's not. They're better and no more "senior" than NiMHs are "junior".

They're price competitive, space efficient (which is key for this thread if you don't want to use a PEQ box), very easy to charge and can be monitored with extremely cheap ($2-3) electronic meters you can take with you to the game. They provide great bang for buck and at 7.4V are absolutely fine on trigger contacts unless you have done something wrong and overtaxed your motor.

As an aside to all of this, nobody can any longer convince me that there's anything magical or mystical about any of the aspects of an AEG, especially after having opened up so many gearboxes and rebuilt them dozens of times each. Many folks on this forum enjoy spreading such ideas, or clinging to well-intentioned but ultimately misguided beliefs. The more we encourage memes about exploding batteries or the idea that gearboxes are paper-delicate clockworks that will careen off-alignment with the slightest touch, the fewer enlightened people we'll have on this forum, and the more we'll see eye-rolling cynical posts telling frightened noobs to go read the FAQ or run to a gun doctor, etc etc.

I'd rather elevate the discussion and move past the wive's tale stage of our intellectual development as AEG nerds, thanks.
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