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LiPo IS an upgrade, because no AEG comes stock set up to run them lol
At the very minimum you need a fuse, and most "LiPo ready" AEG's don't even have that
And what's the point in running a superior battery if you're not going to upgrade the analog trigger switch to a mosfet switch?
Running LiPo without MOSFET is like running an incandescent light bulb with a hydrogen fuel cell lol
An 8.4v NiMH mini with MOSFET will perform just as well and just as long as a 7.4v LiPo without

I'm all for running LiPo's, but it's my opinion that you should get the most out of your electrical system before upgrading the power source.

It also makes more sense economically if you already have NiMH batteries/charger, you upgrade to MOSFET first to see if that solves your issues, THEN go to LiPo if you need mroe energy density.

Plus there's the whole safety deal. LiPo's are pretty safe as long as you're fairly intelligent. But they can burst into flames. The main difference between NiMH and LiPo bursting into flames, is both can go up in your gun, but LiPo's will spew a lot more fire than NiMH if they go up during charging.
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