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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
What's with you and wanting to immediately upgrade to LiPo? lol
Watch the crazyncman review, it's the only battery that will comfortably fit in the handguard.

Well the answer would be that I don't see LiPo batteries as an upgrade like you do but rather the standard beginning point. I could just as easily say, "What's with you and wanting to immediately downgrade to heavy-ass waste-of-money NiMH batteries when HobbyKing has LiPos for 5 god damned' bucks?".

S'alls a matter of perspective, ya see?

Most of the AEGs I either bought in the last year or saw purchased had Deans connectors included and LiPos were the only thing that would even fit in them, due to being buffer tube guns. LiPo is what I know and trust.
"Mah check"

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