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Only a couple years ago, this gun sold for the mid-300s in the USA and was held in high regard in terms of quality. The upper receiver is steel. You're getting a fairly nice version 3 gearbox that will be a bit more immune to the stresses of cold weather than version 2 gearboxes in all the M4s out there.

I've been thinking of picking one of these up myself, due to the price and the general uniqueness of this gun. My point of view, formed from my own thoughts about getting this rifle:

- Start researching smaller 7.4V LiPo batteries that can easily be fit in the handguard.
- Start looking into what extra mags will cost you, since these are going to be fairly unique mags.
- Find out if the 551 mags will fit into any standard pouches out there, like M4 pouches, or maybe look into TACO mag pouches (these often fit oddball bigger-than-M4 mags but can be adapted to fit M4 mags easily as well).
- Consider and figure out how to mount optics on the top of the gun. I understand there is a rail that can be found for the top of this rifle, but it doesn't come with the rifle.

Obviously, the usual advice applies. Throw the charger out and get yourself a smart charger (if you follow my advice about LiPos this will be something you'd have to do anyway).

Other than that, yeah, at that price point, this is a really tempting buy!
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