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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
Sighted in? Do you really mean to say that you just turn hop up/down until you're happy or is there more to it than that?

Did you mod the R-hop to fit in your barrel or the other way around?
a bit more than that. yes, to some (very small) extent, you can use the hop arm to adjust it, but that's more of a final step (and then, it really only holds in in place). to "tune" it, you basically have to shoot it, then shave down the contact patch (BB side) until it stops over-hopping. when I say "over hop", I mean the thing will probably look like a mortar and land 200+ ft downrage, so you'll be able to tell.

both. my personal barrel (a crappy Systema 6.04) has/had beveled edges in the hop window. other barrels like the excellent Madbulls and Prommys have straight edges, which make it _slightly_ easier to install.

after that, the patch comes oversized, so you just trim it little by little until it fits the window (lengthwise) then trim the "legs" down till it sits flush with the outside of the barrel.

then you go and do the shooting bit (depending on how much space you have at your disposal. average city houses won't really cut it without freaking the neighbours out), and then shave down the inside contact patch until it shoots right for the weight you use.
^^^that portion is kind of a b*tch because you have to go and disassemble the thing every time to get to the patch.
too busy tinkering to play.
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