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sshhhh! don't give away secrets! j/k

I bought a few to play around with. one is going into my personal rifle, whilst another is going into a buddy's DMR. I'd freaking love to use an E length, but Bio's don't really come in heavy enough weights. (especially since aforementioned buddy's DMR will probably be at Claybank this year)

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Have you talked directly to Hunterseeker5 on ASM? The guy casually replies to just about every single post ever posted in the technical section of that forum, 24/7/365 so I'd be shocked if he ignored a PM

If you have success with this, I'd love to hear details about how you get it installed and get it working. I had the impression it has to be modified for precisely the inner barrel you're planning to put it into.
yeah, PM or email HS5, he'll reply with what you need to know. he's easy (enough) to deal with.

as for modifying the barrel/patch, yes; it does have to be done to a certain extent. mostly just cutting and fitting then tuning the patch. depending on the manufacturer of the barrel, some fitting/fiddling with the hop window may be required. if you have needle files, an exacto/really sharp knife/wire cutters even, and a little sandpaper, it's easy as pie. the hard part is finding enough space to get it sighted in, so it'll probably have to be done at a local field.
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