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This is pretty ghetto, and leaning towards paintball more than anything. If you look around the block, it's really not the ideal location to bring a bunch of airsoft equipment as others here have mentioned.

You guys should check out SoF (Solders of Fortune) out just west of Hamilton. They have 40 acres of land with actual forest, hills, rivers with bridges, built-up cities, and good games year around being hosted by people on this forum. In addition, they are expanding their capacity for airsoft. It takes us less than an hour to drive there from the heart of downtown Toronto. You west-end guys can surely make it in 45 minutes or less.

There's absolutely no good excuse to support what amounts to muddy mattress forts with paint caked on every surface. We need to demand better play environments, and one way to do that is to vote with our dollars and support venues that are conducive to airsoft.
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