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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
TL;DR: FPS means jack shit. No reason you can't game out doors on <350 FPS
I feel that most of your statement is wrong. More FPS doesn't mean a better/more accurate gun but it does MEAN SHIT, ESPECIALLY outdoors. There's very much an appreciable difference between an aeg shooting 250-300 FPS to one shooting 350+FPS. Namely that the BBs shot from the hotter shooting aeg will travel at a FASTER velocity. This may mean diddly squat to those elite airsofters with their sub 300 FPS aegs, but to other players, giving your opponent less time to react to your projectiles is a much appreciated advantage. Keep in mind that unlike a real firearm, you can totally see the projectiles coming at you and you can potentially dodge them.

Having an accurate gun will only help up to a certain point. If the FPS is too low it will be very difficult to hit targets at longer distances since they're given ample time to react. Now I'm not advocating that all AEGs must shoot close to the field limit to be competitive, but many of the advocates of low FPS (low 300 or less) guns for outdoor use always leave the part out about how much noticeably slower the BBs will travel. Yes skill will certainly trump FPS but if you're running an sub 300 FPS AEG against an equally skilled opponent with a much hotter gun, you are at a DISADVANTAGE and will have less time to react. I know some players will disagree but this is based on my observations. Telling newbs that FPS makes no difference at all outdoors is detrimental to their playing experience once they find out that their opponents can matrix dodge most of their shots.

TL;DR: FPS is not the be all end all but it DOES MEAN SHIT, ESPECIALLY OUTDOORS.

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