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Originally Posted by Aldo69 View Post
I bought the gear with a few upgrade parts that might help and i can always upgrade I have a near Airsoft shop

Spring 110 or 100 ( got both)
Bravo Aluminum Piston Head w/Thrust Bearings
G&G 6.04mm High Precision Inner Barrel for 443mm Barrel Length
Prometheus Version 2&8 Spring Guide with Ball Bearings
G&G Hop Up Bucking
Modify Nozzle for M4/M16
G&G Upgraded Reinforced Piston
MadBull Gemtech "Blackside" Barrel Extension

Looking into a CQB Red dot sight, will I need it? or stick with the original sights?
I'm not sure all those parts will work well together. I suggest you install one at a time and gauge performance.

I like optic, I find they allow me to acquire a target more quickly. However many people don't like them and prefer iron sights. Again this is a question of personal taste. The good thing is that you have a long long time to decide what you like and dislike. This will also change many times as you develop your style of play.

Batteries are allow about 1 shot for every mah, so you are talking about 2000 shots for that battery.

A spare battery is always a good choice.
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