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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
Any of the outdoor field I've played in are not so open that people are making clean shots at the outer range of their aegs. If someone runs a highly tuned aeg with high quality parts then obviously they will have an advantage over you. That's the whole point. I know that you know this I am speaking for the benefit of the OP. But having a sub 350 fps gun with a good tightbore and hop up can go along way of closing the gap. Almost everyone in time gets more than one gun but you can absolutely compete on an even field with a stock aeg.
I bought the gear with a few upgrade parts that might help and i can always upgrade I have a near Airsoft shop

Spring 110 or 100 ( got both)
Bravo Aluminum Piston Head w/Thrust Bearings
G&G 6.04mm High Precision Inner Barrel for 443mm Barrel Length
Prometheus Version 2&8 Spring Guide with Ball Bearings
G&G Hop Up Bucking
Modify Nozzle for M4/M16
G&G Upgraded Reinforced Piston
MadBull Gemtech "Blackside" Barrel Extension

Looking into a CQB Red dot sight, will I need it? or stick with the original sights?
How long will this battery last? Intellect 9.6v 2000mAh NiMH Nunchuck Battery
I was thinking to buy 2 but cost alot, will it handle about 4-6 hours of game play on like 3 round burst and single?

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