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Thanks guys for the tips, but I would like to set a few things straight. First of all i'm not a punk ass 18yr...i'm 32yrs old and mature enough to handle a grown up game and I fully understand the prinicipal of protecting a sport that does't have the full understanding of everyone. Second, I appreciate the responses back form everyone and I also appreciate that people so far have not got into the flaming ...i don't think has any place in any forum and dosen't fet anyone anyware. 3rd I've been reading and researching Airsoft on different places already before I signed up here. Now, what I would like to know...lets say if I wanted to go ahead and invest in some gear ie. gun, BDU's etc.. would I be able to participate in games or is there a process? Do you have to get any sort of licience to purchase a Airsoft gun? The reason why I ask this is becasue "PIP" said "in time you will be able to own" .
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