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Hey, Welcome to the world of trying to decide between budget/quality/range/etc.

I would say that VFC 416 is a good go if you want to have range and the sizeto run it indoor. Of course there is some place that require you to have certain FPS for indoor (350 and under) but you can have a 2nd gearbox and just change that one. You would only have to get a gundoc to show you how to swap them and you would be fine.

Range, for outdoor I'll say hopup and barrel is the 2 thing you are going to look for if you don't want to stay on the stock one. A 6,03 is good but a 6,01 is getting your fps even higher a bit so you have to get the combinaison of both barrel and gearbox to work out to be within limit. once you get the range you like with your baby (you'll probably name it like this after a while and a lot of cash in it haha) then only a swapout of gearbos and you'll be fine.

that's how I see it anwyay but personaly I run 2 gun one longer than the other so
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