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TBH I felt a bit disadvantaged running a low FPS setup outdoors. I feel that 370+ is the sweet spot. I have no problems running 375-ish up to 400 but once I drop to below 350 I feel at a disadvantage because you have to lead your shots and other people with 399.9 FPS setups (this is with proper upgrades (ie. Hop up unit and bucking, TBB, and maybe an SCS nub) not just noobs who have guns that come out of the box at 400 FPS with nothing else) have their BB reach you faster. This is talking about .25 and .28 grams though so my BB's go even slower than if they were using .20's.

I know FPS doesn't matter very much but there's a point for me where it does start to matter and that's when you're playing at "CQB" speeds outdoors.
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