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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Again... why bother?

I don't get this whole "A gun HAS to shoot 350+ to game outdoors!!" attitude. People get WAY too caught up on FPS.

I played for 2-3 years on a stock CA gun.. 315 FPS.. 99% of it out doors. Never had any issue. You just have to MOVE into the effective range of your gun. Even now, my primary outdoor gun (that same CA) is "only" shooting about 360 and I consistently range just as far as 400 FPS setups.

Good gun + good hop-up + good BB's + T/N barrel = excellent out door gun.

Spend the money on 1 gun, and upgrade it accordingly, instead of spending the money on 1.5 guns. If you can completely afford two guns then hey all the power to you and go for that solution.

Otherwise you're just dumping money into where it really isn't necessary.

Crunch will tell you his best ranging gun is his Real Sword Type-56 that shoots around 330.

TL;DR: FPS means jack shit. Upgrade the player, not the gun. No reason you can't game out doors on <350 FPS

In addition, if you're planning on doing a good mix of indoor/outdoor play, constantly stripping a gun WILL wear it down over time. Even the ICS ones which have the split mechbox.. they're not designed to be swapped all the time. Get a gun that will do what you need 90% of the time, and rent/borrow for the other 10%. If 90% of your games will be an indoor/outdoor mix, then get a gun that will do both.

Lat season I gamed a stock A&K Masada as my primary. It was 280 fps. I had never felt disadvantaged compared to other players.
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