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Cue Smeagols "The Thievesssss"!

in this case "potential Thief".

I'm generally a pretty easy going guy and believe in fair and honest trades and dealings with fellow folks in the airsoft community. As much as I hate to turn up the heat, i'm afraid in this circumstance i'm going to have to.

I'm offering you "Lokisama" two final weeks to respond, reply, send or refund ALL monies I have EMT'd you for the Western Arms parts you have or had sent me photos of and agreed to send me.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt and was ecstatic when you responded back to me and provided a reasonable reason for your initial delay in getting back to my countless messages.

I am offering you two weeks starting today February 10 2012 to respond, send my order or refund my money. if after this more than generous window i have not heard from you I will be contacting the RCMP in your area and reporting you for commiting mail fraud. Please be aware that I will pursue this.

I would much prefer you to MAN UP, pull your finger out and do the right thing.

I hope to hear from you

previously in trust and hoping you'll earn it back,

Canīt sleep. Clowns will eat me!

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