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Trust Me

Things to do in order:

COMPILE - a list of questions. Searching around without a clear idea of what you are looking for will quickly lead you astray as there is enough testoserone laden brain candy on this site and related to Airsoft in general to drive you crazy. You start looking for one thing, see a picture of a brand new ICS MP5 and off you go in another direction....FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!

SEARCH - the forum. You WILL find most of the answers that you are searching for. I have only been here for 3 days (found out about Airsoft via a miss spelled Google!) and have found out pretty much what I need to get started...that is..

GATHER HUMINT (Go to a game) - This is the paramount answer that just about everyone agrees on. Many questions can be answered by laying eyes on gear and people at a game that would take weeks to be answered online. You will see many examples and styles, and probably ask a FEW questions with becoming a non-voluntary target..:-)

I am going to a game this Saturaday to hang in the Safe Area and scope.

Please keep in mind...we are rookies and garner the respect that rookies deserve...and that is NO RESPECT.

So..if you are going to be a rookie (we all are at some time) then be GOOD at it and follow the rules.
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