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Some may flame but I'll give some advice.

Read, read and then read some more. This forum does have lot's of info about games and the sport. Check out the gallery and look at what the weapons look like. Go out to a game and see what the actions all about, get a chance to hold some guns. Meets & games usually posted in the Games and Events schedule --> Ontario section.

Plug warning! Come out to an M.arkham I.nsurgent A.irsofters meet and greet if your mature and over 16 yrs. We meet around the Markham area (only a stones throw from Richmond Hill) and are a bunch of guys that like to talk airsoft. Of course weapons are not allowed at meets since we get together at local restaurants. Next meet should be in 2nd week of July.

Oh yeah, read some more online and become a member of the ASC community.
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