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GP batteries...and G&P batteries are certainly not the same thing

I've had/used/still have lots of Intellect packs...nothing amazing, but ok.

With the mini plugs it's possible to have the plastic housing connected fine, but for the sockets/pins to pull apart from each other...especially if the tiny fins that hold them in the housings are not splayed out properly. That can create a lot of heat/arcing/shorting.

The mini connectors are also just marginally rated for what we're using them if you've got a big draw, slightly bad connection, pulling a stiff spring,'s entirely possible to overheat them. Might be ok...might not....lots of variables at play.

LOL...good one Stalker...yeah, backwards wiring (i.e. if you hook up the motor backwards, have plugs reversed, etc...), don't have a fuse, and goose it...things will get hot really quick

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