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People need to understand how the process works.

- AV reps meet with potential AV members and take their information.
- Information is then posted in a private section of the forum for verifiers.
- "ASC AV Powers That Be" do a batch update typically every 2 weeks, but that varies.
- Once that last step is done, you have access.

So how quick you get your access depends on where in that cycle you are. It actually has nothing to do with how quickly the AV rep processes your info. AV Reps have no "powers" to grant AV status on the board. We just submit the info to the thread, and the admins do their thing after that granting access. So saying AV Rep A is faster than AV Rep B is irrelevant.

In the end, from the time you meet the AV Rep, expect 2 weeks maximum. If you're lucky and your info is submitted at the right time, you may get access the same day. Conversely, if your rep just misses the last update, you may have to wait the full 2 weeks.
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