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Originally Posted by The Punisher
Originally Posted by jamesjost
on the topic of blind fire, suppose i was reloading and had no ammo in my gun, and dryfired a few times (not looking) to keep the other guys head down, would that be considred somthing akin to blindfire, or would it be acceptable?
If I were the host i'd probably put that under blind-fire. Mainly because even though you're reloading there is a possiblity that there are a few BBs still floating inside your gun and if you pop off a few shots while your not looking it is blind-fire. The chances are slim but if you keep doing it it will happen sooner or later.
if you were out in the middle of a field shooting across at the allow it, theres no interferance inbetween you and your target for other "unexpected" targets to pop up and get inadvertantly nailed in the face when you didnt mean to shoot them. IF that is the case, then OK, sounds fine to me. If there is a lot of interferance, barrels, bushes, trees, ditches, buildings whatnot, well, then more care is needed, and lining up your sights is the best and definately the most responsible approach.
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