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Initial test fire - YouTube

Test fire 2 - YouTube

results are not terribly visually impressive but they do answer the key questions I had
- how much more air will be needed to drive the shell (from the initial design as a 2" bore)
- will the shell design actually work as intended

still a lot to do.
the whole barrel/shell assemble is pretty much working fine (in terms of proving the base design) but needs significantly higher through put (tests run @ 60 PSI)

need to:
- upgrade to 4" inch pressure chamber (30-36 inches long)
- upgrade primary valve to 1 inch
- get a better compressor that can handle up to 125 PSI

basic concept of the shell is working as expected
- fine tuning friction collar
- reducing size of fins
the grenade is leaving the shell early (just before reaching top of arc) excessive drag on the fins is causing the inertia of the nade to pull out of the shell early

chute deploy on the nade is working exceptionally well ( when it doesn't get caught by trees)
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