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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
I ain't carrying 90's! I barely carry my 40's these days. And the 40's already exhaust enough BB's as it is. A 90mm round would be like 4x40mm give or take right?


Although, if they made them, I'd likely buy some. My only recommendation is that it's an upscaled xmpb4 for quicker loading time. Oh, and some type of a safety for when we run high psi.

:evilgearsbegintoturn: damn you kingsix!
Maybe 90mm is too big (leave them for AT guns) 75mm BB showers? Base the launcher off the Americian M20 or russian SPG-9. Though a recoiless rifle would require quite a team to operate. @coachster 75mm or 90mm BB shower on C02 Ouch that's pretty evil.
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