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The first set of nubs are curing, and a few prototype arms are cut. I will have the unkeyed 2.1A/D and the keyed 2.2E/F done by tomorrow, and we'll see how the new rubber behaves.

Here's one of the arms. I might have to play with dimensions a little bit to get the spring upright, but it's more cosmetics than anything else. I'll test them tomorrow and send out the prototypes on Monday.

I'm also doing a little promotion to help expand the line of hopup arms. Here is an excerpt from the facebook wall:
The test set of hopup arms has been cut, the molds are being cut, and I'm working on expanding my line of hopup arms past the m4. That means that the first two people from each arm type (AK, G3, 249, MP5, P90, Masada, SCAR or any hopup with an "arm" [the m14, g36, etc have tiny little stubs that I can't do much with]) to post a high res scan, will receive their choice of a 2.2 nub (Monarch/Emperor) with their order. (high res is >1200dpi). Pictures are not terribly helpful, so they will not be accepted.
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