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To those who are immediately writing this off, this is progress. Decades ago people said there's no way to shoot each other safely and now it's our hobby. A mortar that can easily be fired and launched is a marvel in itself. We just have to work on the munition that's all.

Regarding helmets, you wear them to protect your head from flying frag and debris so this would give you a reason to wear a helmet. Those who still protest would have to sign a waiver (or have it covered in the field waiver) that if you only wear a boonie with shit flying through the air it's your own damn fault.

I think it's awesome and it's a sign of progress. Give it a few years and our mighty brains and we'll have good tweaks and ideas. I've waited seven years for a mortar and now we have it. I'll wait a few years for a better munition that rain BB death safely on all who oppose me.
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