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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
I don't think any good will come of this just close it and let this be lost in the records of crap. He is obviously pissed and feels it cannot be getting any worse so he feels he needs to continue to rant about this 'injustice'. Lets do everyone a favor and lock it. When manchovie is ready to post unlock it let him post and re-lock it. You can read still and your opinion will be made regardless of weather you post it or not.
The only good that can come out of this thread now is hopefully someone with a little more sense than you realizes that there are some fake, ignorant people hiding behind a profile that makes them out to be some good gun doc. Now that a bunch of you have polluted this thread, let alone this website, nobody will even know about my situation once a mod deletes this thread and my feedback again because they dont want one of their precious platinum members reputation being hurt anymore. The fact you say that it should be locked again until manchovie FINALLY decides to stop being a vagina and posts in here for once, then lock it right back up, proves exactly what ive just said. But then when he finally does decide to post, which is going to be lie after lie trying to cover himself up, everyone is just going to believe his fairytale story because hes a 'respected' member and anything against him just cant be true. I found that is exactly the mindset of most of you people the day I posted this thread.

Im done talking about this tonight I have better stuff to do on a saturday night, unlike most of you guys, than try to force some common sense into some people here.
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