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Well we already know that dry firing is bad for the gun. Which is why you are only suppose to do it very little.

Hearing the rattle after you dry fired it doesn't mean it was broken to begin with. Was the rattle there before you fired it?

Lets just think about this for a sec. Why would he take apart a mechbox. Break a gear. Then put the mechbox together WITH the broken gear and lose teeth back inside it.

If he was going to hide the broken gear on you, he would have taken it out. Because without that broken teeth loose in the mechbox, it would have fired fine and you would have never known. Its the fact that there was a loose piece in the mechbox and it jamming either the piston or gears was preventing it from doing a complete cycle. And there basically no chance on someone not seeing the broken gear when you open the mechbox because you need to reset most of the internals anyways for timing and the fact that every time you take apart a mechbox shit flies everywhere.

If a gear broke, that means it was going to break sooner or later. It just happen to break at a time where the gun was trading hands from manchovie to you. You can't fault him for that. Im sure if you didn't hound him like crazy to start with he would have been fine with looking at the gun again but since there was such a bad repore with him. He just wanted to end business with you.

Yes it is a pain that you had to wait so long to get the gun back. But if you were in a rush to get it back, you could have picked it up and gone else where. It was always an option. You can't please everyone, so youre the 0.1% bad feedback from him due to tardiness, not bad workmanship.
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