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As for someone who works on airsoft guns, your minor work on the guns still require the same effort of most major part replacement. You still need to take the whole gun apart and disassemble the mechbox. It doesn't matter if you are only changing a spring. The same work is required if you wanted all new internals (other than shimming).

Like most people have also said, parts break. Most than once, Ive worked on my augs and they will be in working order. Come game time, i give it a few runs at the range and something gave out. Shit happens. You are dealing with plastic and thin metal parts under a lot of stress.

Hell, 2 weeks ago i replace a loading nozzle on a hi-capa for a buddy. It worked fine for me. 6 mags through it and no issues. Gave it back to the owner in working order. 1 week later at our game, a little into the first mag the loading tab breaks again.

Just learn to work on your own gun. From the looks of it, you wont get any help from ASC. It not hard but as you will find out, it can become a nightmare.

The fact that he only let you dry fire it a few times in his home doesn't make him guilty of ripping you off. You said you dry fired it. Im sure you know what it is suppose to sound like when it fires. If you didn't hear anything there, it is save to say that it was working order when you left his house or when you dried fired it.
What i meant was to put a few parts in a gun is a lot simpler and easier than to do a fully internal customization, a lot less problems to worry about. I have had parts last forever and some last a few months, but the fact he said he could only dry fire the gun a few times, than me hearing the rattling piece in the gun a min after showes to me something was broken to begin with. Especially the fact that when i get to put bb's in it they dont go more than 5 feet out of the gun than few shots later it fully stops working. I was pissed for waiting this long and finally getting the gun and not being able to shoot any shots out of it even when i get home and put bb's in it myself, i bet if i got to shoot those few shots at his house it would crap out there, and DEFINITELY would have seen that the bb's couldnt make it across the room, which in the end would have shown it wasnt working when it was still in his house and just left his hands. And i wasnt going to demand to shoot off bb's in his house i was just happy to finally get my gun back and to finally be done dealing with this guy.

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