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Originally Posted by Kokanee View Post
Hopefully the lesson you have taken from all of this is to learn how to work on your own guns. I've never paid for gun doc services, got someone to show me how to install a set of gears for a beer, and all self taught after that. Installing upgrades/servicing/troubleshooting is not really all that difficult once you get your feet wet.
Definitely, not going to trust another random guy just because his friends or other just looking at his profile on a website say he's "good"

Now i definitely see whats the problem here, not only are you people ignorant and look over the fact what hes done just cuz hes your friend or well know, but its that you cant read. Thats why you guys come up with the stupidest shit to say and have nothing good to back up this joke, I didnt once say anything in that post showing i am pissed, just pointed out the facts or maybe your just pissed realizing that all the stuff you can think of to say back couldnt deny the fact that any normal person would realize that what he did isnt even considered business but a joke. but if thats all you can say back to it than i now have maybe knocked some common sense in to you people and maybe now you will realize just because this guys so awesome on your website doesn't hide the fact what he does and how he acts outside your little group in the real world.
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