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This right here just proves that you people you only want to see what you want to see. First of all, I didn't complain to you iLLusion, I wanted a reason why I got banned other than needing to 'take a bread'... and why the only mod commenting on here thought bacon was more important. I realize I came off a little pissed, but having to deal with the bs from manchovie, then to have most of you bash me for being so called pushy and a disrespectful when none of you were even involved in this situation, shows that you need to be some kind of daily poster to get any respect on this site.

I thought 2 months was more than enough time for a 'respected', 'top of the line' gun doc to put a few minor parts in a couple guns. Not only that, but he didn't bother to contact me until a month later other than a couple texts saying he's going to find some time to work on them soon. Then add the fact that he couldn't give us a deadline or quote til more than a month after, going over the deadline twice, then giving me a broken gun with half of the work not done that he said and we paid for him to do all while trying to deny he broke it and did everything he said when after we went to get it fixed and they explained all the problems with it. Starting with not letting us test fire them at his house other than a couple dry shots per gun, which he told us wasn't good for the gun so not to do anymore untill we get home with bb's.

I never said one disrespectful thing to this guy until I got our broken gun back. I wasn't even disrespectful to him after he lied to us several times and missed the first deadline. Which was more than enough time for him at the very least to start on them. If he was really that busy 24/7 for a month straight which i doubt for a month he wasnt sitting at home playing with his own guns for hours, why not tell us that you don't have a couple hours to start on them in the first place and not make us sit and wait day after day with no response. You all say gun docs have lives and family's and other stuff to do, while like a lot of you already said you can easily look on the internet and find a video of how to work on these guns. These gun docs have obviously done this before and should have made the time to work on a new gun before they decided to take on a new customer. Not only that but these are TOYS they are working on not some science experiment. And some of you say you charge up to $80/hr?? That's a complete joke and its sad you even think your work is that valuable, your not a doctor or even a gunsmith for that matter.

It seems like a lot of you take this as serious as your life, although you say you have one outside of airsoft. Especially when you all had more than enough time to post meaningless replies on a 'noobs' thread at 3 in the morning like you all did. All of this while never hearing one word from manchovie. Its funny that you go look at his profile and just decide to side with him because hes got some good feedback and revolves his life around airsoft. Or maybe I should take that last part back because he sure didn't seem to care about my business, and you all start to think im contradicting myself again. Its nice to see my thread made to warn others of a "good gun doc" taking advantage of new members, NOT to try and convince people like him how he conducted his poor business, turned into a shitshow with a bunch of crying.
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