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Keep in mind, when a retail/ manufacturing company is in deep shit they'll try to carry on as normal until they've liquidated as much standing stock and gathered as much potential investment as possible. Then when they've taken umpteen back-orders and handed out deals on old stock citing "New improved line on the way!" they shovel capital into offshore accounts and subsidiaries, consolidate daughter/ front companies, and declare bankruptcy.

I'm not saying that this will happen, but it's happened historically in so many different levels of production/ retail that it wouldn't surprise me at all.
Rumors are rumors, except when they are about large companies, in which case they're half-truths.

What I'm saying is we won't know for sure either way until 3rd or 4th quarter this year. Possibly 1st quarter next year.

And I'm not being inflammatory here, but saying "Yeah, but I talked to the guy I know in Sales/ Management whatever and he said it's bullshit.." doesn't hold any water.

Of course they are going to tell you that everything is fine.. that's they're job. Salesmen lie or bend the truth all the goddamn time.
Especially if they need to move overstock. Completing current orders means nothing.
We won't know what's going on until we can look at their closing finances for this year.
I'm hoping that they're doing fine.

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