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Another beginner gun thread from teh osprey

Alright, so I had my eye on the KA colt m4a1 lately, because it was recommended to me. The one I found was 330 dollars for this:

Please note that this unit has a orange tip but can easily be changed to black.----------------------------King Arms Colt M4A1 Full Metal Airsoft Rifle with Battery and Charger included. Specifications: --------Full Metal AEG --------7mm Bearing Gear Box --------14.5″ Outer Barrel --------Functional Bolt Catch System --------Magazine Capacity = 300 Rds Magazine Included --------Calibre = 6mm Airsoft BB --------Weight: 3.00kg --------Length: 87-95cm --------Velocity = 430-450 fps** with .20gr BB’s --------Power = 8.4V, 9.6V NiMh Battery --------Battery and Charger are included. --------Upgraded King Arms spring M130 --------This item comes with full Colt Trademarks.

However, the echo1 Advanced Squad Carbine has gone on sale for 290 dollars with these specs:

Product Specs:

InnerBarrel Length: 300mm
Barrel Caliber: 6mm
BB Capacity: 300Rounds
Initial BB Speed: 460fps
Battery Type: Mini/Custom
Body Material: Metal Upper, Plastic Lower

Package includes:
- Rifle itself
- 2 high capacity magazine
- Standard battery and charger combo set
- clearing rod
- manual

My question is, because I know internals and all that matter, which should I look into getting? I like full metal, but the ASL has more rails and is cheaper... Any recommendations as to what I should do?

Sorry about the typo in the title by the way, just noticed that.

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