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Even if the rumour is supposedly baseless, there has been some legitimate information brought up by both parties.

For example: CA is a massive company. If the 2-3% that is still working there are manning the production factories, then that probably would still be a relatively large work force. I may be mistaken.

IF CA, and once again I say IF CA had factories on Mainland PRC, then yes, they would be subject to the discretion of the local police.

Notice how I didn't say 'law'.

Mainland China has no laws whatsoever regarding Airsoft. Technically, from a legal standpoint, Airsoft in China has no limitations for importation, ownership, and trade.

So why is there no Airsoft in China? The police, for 'the better of the country and the people' have resorted to illegally confiscating replicas because of the fact that they cannot distinguish the difference between a real one and a fake one. The people have pleaded for a way to distinguish it, like the Orange barrel tip and the Clear body laws, but the government refuses to act because there is no formal legislation.

If CA were to be bold enough to set up technically illegal (in the eyes of the police) factories producing technically illegal firearms replicas, then I would have no surprise that the president of said company would have been arrested.

However, that said, some part of me still wants to believe CA is well and thriving, which is probably half the story.

Edit: The links are technically still not real proof, as every company will want to at least bias information so that it doesn't lose business.
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