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I hate it when people give advice like "you dont need boots or camo's" True you don't need them to fire an airsoft but if your going to play Airsoft seriously you need to have 5 things:

1. Quality (certified) airsoft glasses to protect your eyes. They start at around 20$.
2. Quality boots to protect your feet and ankles, new boot start at around 65$
3. A good surplus camo, Flecktarn is great at 35$ for a set, dont go for cheap repro's.
4. A quality Airsoft! Rent if you want to, just dont buy a cheap airsoft and fool yourself into thinking you can upgrade it into a good airsoft. It's going to be a moneypit that never works properly.
5. Something to carry water for those hot summer days. A simple AK pouch will hold 1 bottle of water, buy a set of two or buy a good camel back, you can add it to your futur kit.

150$ + tax to start playing airsoft is not expensive, if it is for you then you should try pingpong instead. Glasses and boots will be with you for a couple of years. The flecktarn will serve you well and is always handy as a secondary camo or a loaner until you change to a team camo. You still need something to carry your mags. Don't buy anything expensive at first, vest are one area where players waste a lot of money by changing their minds all the time or joining a team with a particular vest.

Dont buy camouflage pouches or gear (except for clothing), stick with Coyote Brown or OD. Tan stands out on anything but Tan camo or gear, same with Black, it's simply a bad choice and you will spend twice to replace it.

Airsoft is a sport like any other sports, you need to be geared properly to enjoy it and to fit in and make friends. You would not dream of playing hockey in a team with cheap skates and wearing a basketball jersey! You would feel foolish if you did!

Do yourself a favor and buy something reasonable, it doesn't need to be expensive, your friends will appreciate it, you will feel more confident and other players will accept you more easily then if you show up in sneakers with a t-shirt and a pair of weird goggles that makes you look like some weirdo.

Enjoy your airsoft summer
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