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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
So... why was this re opened again?
He'd PM'ed me complaining about why his thread was closed. The assumption was made that he must have something important to add, so I opened it again for him to post whatever he had to say. Looking at his status, he hasn't been online since he sent me that PM, so give him a couple of days.

I did explain to him that I locked it to prevent it from further derailing and to prevent his name from being continued to drag through the mud... which I knew would happen if I re-opened the thread, and that's exactly what happened. Him creating this thread did him no favours. He apparently failed to see this, which shows how closed his mind is.

Bartek is considering posting in here, but I think his silence is golden, as the OP is showing his true colours. In any case, Bartek will consider posting, and if/when he does, you'll see the additional facts that the OP decided to conveniently leave out.
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