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I've been devouring as much of the forums as possible and was curious what the consensus is on what to bring to a first game? Sounds like guns can be rented no problem. What about protective gear, clothing, etc? I'm assuming you'd want to bring your own boots, but can you get away with just that or are there some additional staples everyone should bring to their first game?

As tempting as it is to jump in feet first and start spending lots of dough on cool gear and big guns, I'd prefer a more disciplined approach at least till the bug sets in and i'm harvesting my own organs for airsoft funds.

you need to make sure there won't be any FOG in your goggles because it will DESTROY your fun.that means ensuring your lens is treated (fogtech, catcrap or a coat of dish washing liquid) and protecting your goggles from the sweat from your forehead if you sweat a lot (headband).
You need your own boots, and also make sure that your clothes (camo or uni or digi camo) will fit in one of the teams but those you can borrow.

BDU dark clothing works fine.
BOOTS good running shoes
I respectfully disagree with that.
you can try shoes without ankle support but that's a receipe for disaster.Also most venues will dirty your shoes beyond recognition.
dark clothing will make you stand out of any environnement like a pimple on the princess' nose.

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