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I am a big fan of KWA's (though I don't own any) as long as they are the newer versions. I've never seen a gun last so long without going down and needing work. However, they are more proprietary than many other AEGs. However, what I've seen of many other high-end AEGs the same could be true.

I started with a G&G and it was pretty good for the price, but nothing amazing.
My VFC worked really well, except for its lemon hop-up. Aaaand my G&P works really well too, though I had some problems trying to downgrade the fps from the import fps.

Sooo....that said, I would recommend VFC or G&P as well.

Like Cobalt said, the Magpul stocks are not good for batteries. You at very least need a LiPo buffer tube to fit anything in there, but they're still awkward. I don't mind the crane stocks for holding nunchuk batteries, but you have to be careful because not all of them are designed to hold batteries.
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