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How about this for a rule.

1. Both the buyer and the seller assume the responsibilities to fully inform themselves of the item(s) and condition(s) before they commit to a deal.

1.1 Deal must contain the following information
- full names, contact information
- descriptive detail of item(s) the satisfaction of both the buyer and seller
- payment amount, timing, method and any other the satisfaction of both the buyer and seller
- shipping conditions (priority class, signage, insurance, etc..) and specific timing
- any other conditions, the satisfaction of both the buyer and seller

2. Once the deal is positively confirmed (i.e. both buyer and seller acknowledge the terms of the deal in writing)...both are bound to complete said deal. Both parties must retain written information related to the deal until is it completed (see 3.1)

3. Once the item(s) is received...the buyer must acknowledge that he/she is satisfied with the item(s) within 7 days of receiving the item(s)...or else state any perceived deficiencies within those 7 days. The buyer must signify with, "Items received as described...I am fully satisfied that this deal is done"

3.1. If there is no acknowledgement (either way) from the buyer to the seller within 7 days...then the seller has the right to assume that the deal/transaction is complete and final. They are absolved of any further ties/responsibilities re. the deal.

3.2. If the buyer puts forth issues/grievances with the item(s) within 7 days...the seller must respond with a proposed course of action within 3 days. Correspondance will continue, either party having a maximum of 3 days to respond...until a course of resolution is agreed upon. All correspondance must be kept.

3.2.1. At any time, either party can state that they are putting the grievance/issue to the moderators. They must submit all documentation of the deal and communications. The moderators will then act as an arbitrator and come to a decision within 7 days of the request being submitted. Both parties are then bound to the arbitration decision...and any terms/timing it may contain. The moderator/admin will have final determination re. disciplanary action.

4. Failure to comply with the above will result in the suspension of the AV status of both the buyer and sellers for a mandatory period of 6 months. Additional disciplinary conditions may include some or all of the following
- the removal of all of the parties buy/sell items
- revoking AV status for a longer duration
- temporary/permanent ban from ASC

* the penalties are severe enough to strongly encourage both parties to seek and abide by an amicable quickly come to an agreed resolution in 3.2 and to avoid binding arbitration described in 3.2.1

...or you could expect people to smarten the f*ck up in the first place...whichever is easier.

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