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"gear timing" was used to describe a position of the sector/half gear and a lot of people misunderstood it to mean that your gears needed to be in a certain position or things weren't working right.

The position of the sector gear in your pic is perfect.
- the nub that rotates and moves the tappet fin is not contacting the fin
- the teeth of the half gear are not engaged in the piston
...that's all you need to think of when positioning the gear. The nub could be at the 1, 2, 3 o'clock positions...all the same result. But if it's in the 8-12 oclock positions then you're not going to be able to close your mechbox up 'cause the tappet fin will be laying ontop of the nub.

That's the sole reason behind saying "rotate your gear to the 1 oclock position".

It's always going to rotate freely without the mechbox being closed up. If you want to check your shimming you should probably research those threads more.
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