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Gearbox seizure and selector lever problem.

I am not too sure if it should be here or "Doctor's Corner" section but well...
First I searched and read : Semi-Auto Seizure Explained ( trigger glitch ) and I am fairly sure its not my problem. AND I fired the AEG just before disassemble it and it was working fine.

So, I bought a Spring to lower my FPS so I can comply to CQB rules.
While opening the the gears moved so I decided to realign everything following videos from My gearbox is a V2 for an M4.

The only part I touched are:
The gears
The anti-reversal latch
The trigger (pop'd out when opened the gearbox)
Tappet plate + spring
And the whole Cylinder assemble (To put the new spring in)

Reassembled everything. Try to fire... the piston seems to seize (or isn't going all the way to the end) and needs another pull to to complete the cycle and fire.

Also the motor was slightly smelling after but since its my first airsoft I am not sure if its normal (and didnt noticed when test firing previously).

Now I am not too sure if my battery was dying or not but I dont think so. I also rewired to the rear and extended the wires but I double test the electric circuit and everything is working flawlessly.

Is it just wrong timing on the gears? maybe the timing moved while closing the gearbox
Is the motor isnt aligned properly in the gearbox?
Is a dying battery would do that?

Second, when I put the selector to SEMI, i have a resistance in my trigger, the plastic lever that blocks the trigger on safe seems to be holding the trigger. And with minimal force it slides and let me fire. when put to SAFE and AUTO its fine.

Here is a pics if you see something that my newbie eyes didn't

Thanks in advance for input, and sorry for the loooong post.

*** EDIT***

The AEG is fine now, was a problem with the motor height, it was adjusted too high. But I also shimmed properly my gear box while it was opened. Thanks for the support of the gun doctors.

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