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Originally Posted by Hades View Post
Now my rule is, first one pays get's it. I don't hold anything for anybody unless you want to pay a non-refundable deposit. You flake out, you lose your deposit. Simple as that. Since then, have not had a problem.
Bang!!! right there dude, that should be the new policy!

You see the problem is generated by the seller not the buyer. The seller extends a trust If it is not honoured, the seller is direspected and then retrobution needs to be metered out.
Things should be for sale till they are paid for. Period. If you agree to hold something its on you and your own fault. Not the person you extended the courtesy too. Bad manners is not bad Business.

SPF should be kicked.and like the Ba*n*a/n7a rule MODs can troll for SPF and hand out Infractions.

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