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Shelledpants has tons of hands on experience with hosting and the logistics etc... make note of what he's said.

Re. the selection of BBs...again, you'll find hosts/games all over the map with this.

What you'll find will be something like this in the event post:
- FPS limits are set...and maybe a BB weight is specified. You can make the reasonable assumption that this is with 0.20g BBs if it is not specified.
MAX FPS is 400fps w/ 0.20's
AEG Max FPS = 400fps
--- so they want you to be under that FPS with that weight of BB....but don't care what weight you shoot for the game

- FPS limits are set...and BB weights are specified
Max FPS is 350fps...0.20's only
--- so they want you to be under that FPS...AND you must use that weight of BB

As before...hosts are all over the map with things.

Some will simply ask you what you have loaded and then get you to chrony. They might have limits set for different BB weights (i.e. if you're say you're shooting 0.30's...they may want to see a max of 350fps).

Some will get you to line up to chrony with an empty mag...they'll have one of their guys load some 0.20's into your mag and then you'll chrony.

General rule of thumb...know what your gun shoots at with 0.20's (even if you're never going to use them in game play). Use whatever weight you want for actual game play...unless it's specified by the host. the game/event thread carefully. They're often updated as questions are answered. If you have a question ask...don't wait until game day to figure it out at the chrony station.

Having a chrony to test things as you change this or that prepping for a game is really handy and well worth the money.

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