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Regardless of what you (or any other player)'s up to the host/organizer of the game. What they say system they come up with is the final say.

What you can do to be prepared for this is:
- know the characteristics of your gun/BB's/propellant/etc...
- know how to effect the changes that are needed for the game conditions

The way and the level of detail that hosts oversee the chrony/power/FPS of the players is all over the place.

Some don't check anything...and some won't check (or even have the capability to check) even if there's a complaint.

Some run everyone, with every gun they're going to use, through a chrony process...and have in-game spot checks...and track/record who's chronied at what.

And there's probably every variation inbetween those two levels out there.

Know your system...know how to change it...ensure that you meet the guidelines that the Host/organizer puts out there. If you have a question...ask that specific host for that specific game. Don't assume it's the same for everything out there.
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