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I just finished fixing my friend's ARES AR-016 and I gotta say, I am in love with ARES's gearbox design. It was pretty much a V2 gearbox with a quick spring change feature and microswitch instead of the standard trigger contacts. They even went as far as to cut a groove in the gearbox, right below the bevel gear, to allow the wire to recess further in, preventing any shredding of the wire. I really liked how they used a ball bearing bushing on the bevel gear.

My only real complaints is that the stock shimming was pretty bad and was probably the cause of the broken sector gear in my friend's gun. Also, the stock air nozzle is also quite leaky; the same as my TAR's original air nozzle, but not as bad.

But overall, great gearbox design. IMO, ARES makes some of the smoothest sounding gearboxes.
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